Wednesday, June 30

Goodbye June

Tonight we bid farewell to June!  I'll tell you what, I am so excited to wake up in the morning in the month of July.  Nothing extremely out of the ordinary is happening in July, but it is one more closer to the month I really want to get to.  I have a lot going on in between the months of July and October.
-I start my 5 week summer term at Williams Carey.  4 hours in class two days a week for 5 weeks should be interesting
-I am running a 5K in the Sunfish Triathalon as a part of a relay team
-A trip back to GA gets sandwiched in there somewhere
-My dad's Ironman he has been training for
-I get to move back to GA
-And oh yeah...sometime in there I get my husband back!

So like I said...Goodbye June, see ya, don't come back till next year!

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