Saturday, June 12

My first Craigslist Purchase

I have known about Craigslist for a long time.  From time to time I will get on there and look and see if there is anything that I am interested in, but usually I don't find anything, or if I do it is way over priced. I have sold something and even advertised a garage sale on the website before, both successful, but today I purchased something.

I have been reading several other blogs that I frequent and usually through those blogs I find other blogs...that's usually how it works huh?  Well one blog in particular does a lot of refurbishing furniture.  It inspired me.  I decided to start looking for my first project.  Today I found a cute little vintage armoire that would make a perfect sewing cabinet.

I will of course have to refinish it and do some minor repairs on it, fill in some cracks, change the hardware, but I think the end result will be worth it.  I will definitely post before and after pictures.

What color should I make it?  Purple I am thinking...

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