Thursday, June 10

My week off

So I took a week off from blogging...with good excuse.  I was at the beach.  Technically I got back Tuesday night but I just didn't have it in me to blog when I got home.  Then yesterday I just kept staring at the screen, willing myself to push the button to start but I couldn't make myself do it, I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say.  So I needed to get back to my habit.  The longer I neglect it, the easier it will get for me to stop blogging all together.

The beach was great!  Thanks again to my friend Lauren O'Reilly for letting us stay with her.  We did all of the things that four girlfriends do when they go to the beach.  We ate, ate, ate, and ate some more.  We layed out in the sand and got accosted by the giant waves (yes they were giant).  We drank girly mixed drinks, Lauren's Pina Coladas were the best!  Oh yeah, and we shopped.  :)  Four days away from reality is just what anyone could ask for.

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