Tuesday, June 29

Quitters Don't Win

Yes, it is a true saying that quitters do not win, but you know what?  This is my blog and I can quit if I want, and since I make the rules here, I say...I win no matter the situation. :)

What am I quitting you might ask?  My Blog Challenge.  I am rather bored with it.  I thought it would be
fun/interesting, and give me a go to topic to blog about everyday.  I guess it doesn't say much about my willingness to see a challenge through considering that I quit on Day 10...but the topics it gives turns out to not be that fun/interesting at all.  So I quit it.  I'll rephrase that, I am just going to put it on the back burner.  If a day goes by and I just have absolutely nothing better to say I will default back to my "30 Day Blog Challenge." 

So, back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

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