Wednesday, June 2

I have a teenager

Today is our dog's birthday, Happy Birthday Duece!  You are now 14 years old in dog years and officially a teenager.  Boy, does that explain a lot about your behavior.  It has been a fun 2 years loving and getting to know you better.  You are your father's little buddy and your are my snuggle buddy.  I know that your dad wishes he could be here to rub you and walk you today, but know that he misses you very much.
Good Morning Birthday Boy
Singing along to Happy Birthday
Here are some reasons we love:

  • You make us smile
  • You keep our feet warm at night
  • You love us
  • Let's face it, you're cute
  • You are funny even when you aren't trying to be.
And there are a million more...  Happy Birthday buddy, we love you.

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