Wednesday, June 16

Tie Dye is To Die For

Admit it, each and every one of you secretly harbor a passion for Tie-day.  I know I do.  If I could wear it and it still be considered fashionably acceptable, you bet your bottom dollar I would.  But there is a small piece of me that wants to hold on to my dignity and not back slide into the fashion of the 90's.  

"The 90's", you say?  "Come on Chelle, tie dye dates way back to sixty hippie days".  I am well aware of that, but since I didn't come about until oh...1985, my relationship didn't start until approximately 1992.  While my frame of reference might be skewed, I still have plenty of experience in this "lost" fashion art.

In other parts of the world the summer months of June and July are referred to as wedding season, but where I come from in the deep south, it is Vacation Bible School season.  Every church in the area takes turns hosting VBS and in 1992ish when I was at prime VBS age...VBS stood for Very Bitchin Shirt.  Tie Dye Shirts that is...

Every year at the end of the week we were required to bring a plain white tee with us.  As a class we would all gather in a circle and wrap rubber bands around or tees in hopes of creating the perfect pattern to show off our personalities.  Then we would all take turns huddled over 5 gallon buckets filled with dye in an array of colors, dipping our tees just so.  Then at the end of the day, we cut the rubber bands off to reveal our one of a kind couture, the likes of which had never been seen before on any Paris runway.  And on Friday night when we preformed our songs for our families, we would rock out in our VBS's and the rockin' of the tie dye would continue well on into the summer.    

So seeing all of the VBS statuses over the past couple of weeks on facebook has me really wanting to create my own 2010 version of the tie-dye shirt.  

I know what my husband is thinking right now...
"Chelle, who are you kidding?  You know that you stole my 2002 Senior Class Tie Dye shirt and wear it all the time." 
 And in truth, he is right, I did steal it, I do wear, and I do love it.  He also thinks I am a big uncool goober because I love the shirt so much, but actually what he should be thinking about is this:  If Tie Dye is so "uncool" how come he had one (and wore it) in 2002, when for all intents and purposes Tie Dye was dead.  

Live and Let live, I say.  I think I just found my project for the weekend! 

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