Tuesday, October 12

Yes, I would like an order of lazy with a side of busy please.

In the next 3 days I have 4,323,456 things to accomplish.  Impossible?  Most likely.  I have come to terms with the fact that some of the things on my to-do list are going to be just that...things on my list.  I wish I could be lazy, but the fans won't dust themselves and I am also pretty sure that my landlord didn't spring for the self cleaning toilets. 

In my previous life as a LAHW (Lay At Home Wife), I had plenty of time to do things...all sorts of things.  One day I even painted my toenails 3 separate times simply because I could.  However, for the time being I have re-entered the working world as a substitute teacher so that career choice combined with my inability to tell people NO when they ask me to do things isn't the greatest combination, especially this week.  Have I mentioned that my husband comes home this weekend and I have 4,323,456 things to do?

I planned on being off tomorrow, I had saved up all of my tasks for Wed.  I knew I would have ALL day to check, check, check things off my list.  Guess what, I told someone I would sub for them tomorrow.  There goes Chelle's free day.  Guess what, I told someone I would sub for them Thursday to!  See what I was saying about my inability to say no?  So now I am running around like a head less chicken.  

I also learned today that one of the boys in the class I have been in, calls me a name behind my back.  Nice!  I am now Mrs. Lang-fart.  Um, if I deserved that name, I would be cool with it.  If I had bent over in front of them to pick up a piece of chalk and let one rip I would understand and possibly even give out cool points for coming up with such a witty name but I haven't farted in front of them.  I haven't even burped in from of them.  I do not think that Mrs. Langfart is a deserved nick-name when there has been no gas emitted whatsoever.  

I did make a homecoming sign tonight, I am quite proud of it.  You want to see a picture?  I would love to show you a picture but my card reader on my computer isn't working.  It seems like just another way that the universe has decided to conspire against me this week.  So I am officially adding, "find out what is wrong with card reader" to my ever growing list. That brings the grand total up to 4,323,457.

I did blog today, which I didn't do yesterday, so I have that going for me. Bad Chelle (slaps own wrist).  One would think that someone with as much nervous energy as I have right now wouldn't have a problem whittling down a list.  My energy isn't so much making want to DO something as much as it is making me want to worry about it NOT getting done at all.   Yes, I know that is a problem.  

So for now I will just sit back and enjoy the season finale of Teen Mom because now matter how much I want to cuss, I know that my problems are small fries comparatively.  Thank you trashy reality television for putting my life in perspective.

Oh, and did you notice how this blog tonight was all over the place, random, and didn't really follow any one patter of thought?  I thought so.  Try being in my head right now.

And here is yet another pointless paragraph to describe the below picture because the entire time I was typing this my mind was elsewhere.  I was saying over and over in the back of my head, "Right on top of that Rose".  And if you don't know what that means or where that comes from then run, don't walk to the nearest video rental source and rent Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.  DO IT, NOW!  If Sue Ellen Crandell can handle the dish of life that was served to her, I can handle the next 3 days.  Sue Ellen got the guy in the end and so will I!

Dear Heather Young and Sabrina Hernandez,
This last little bit was for y'all. Consider this your long over-due shout out.
I miss y'all both.

To anyone reading this entry:
Please over look any grammatical errors, normally I would try to go back and check and make those corrections to make your reading experience more enjoyable.  However doing so would add one more thing to my list and I just don't have time for that.  I will try better next time.
Peace Out


Jenn said...

Ummm I'm with the kid who made up the name ;)
Love ya girl. Come by and pick out a USB cord when you can...like you need one more thing to do!

Courtney said...

Dude, I feel like I just drank a double shot after reading that. lol. Very spastic. haha.

Shannon said...

Mrs. LangFART! classic!

Morgan L said...

I really love the reason you have behind being a total spaz! :)

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