Friday, October 1

Compliments To the Chef

I have had a busy week, very busy, I was a workin woman remember.  I am sure y'all have noticed a lack of enthusiasm in my blog this week, but getting up at 5:30 then working all day, coming home, and then doing my volunteer duties took a toll on me.  I missed it.  I come home look at my computer and think to myself, "I should blog, I have things to blog about," but my fingers just physically wouldn't type on the keys.  Its all good now though, I have the weekend to look forward to and I got it off to a good start tonight.

I went to this place for diner:
Chef Jerome's Old School Diner

This place is scary and so cool at the same time.  It is in the middle of nowhere, it is eclectic, it is smelly, it smells good, it is a place of so many contradictions.  When you pull up you drive, yes drive, and park on carpet.  Behold...

It is decorated in the strangest way.  If you can figure out a way to hang it on the is there.
Shells?  Check!

License plates and and old sled?  Check!

A bench made out of boat seats, and a puffin -n- stuffin sign?  Check and Check!

It is the same motif on the inside.  This is such an unusual place to visit in SE Georgia.  Chef Jerome is the owner and cook.  His menu features all of the coastal favorites, shrimp (fried, stuffed, or grilled), flounder, grouper, catfish, crabs (stuffed or fried), pork chops, ribs, hamburger, cheeseburger, and some dang good hushpuppies.

When you go eat her, don't forget your camera!  Chef Jerome comes out and greets every single guests and loves to take pictures with those that he feeds, the walls are covered in pictures.  If you ask him questions, he loves to talk about his business and it's history.  He loves to brag about the fact that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are two of his many famous visitors, and even said that a few scenes from Ben's new movie "The Town" was filmed around his restaurant.
A view from the inside

Me and the Chef himself, he actually smelled really good!

My fried shrimp platter, it was Gah-ood!

Letters and pictures on his wall.  He wrote these letters to his wife while he was in prison...yeah...I don't know what for.  I just choose to let that be one of the great mysteries of Old School Diner.

I was there for an Family Readiness Group meeting with some fun ladies!
Angie, Tara, Faye, Dana, Cari, and Mandy

Me in the middle of a story, Ella was obviously loving it!

Thanks to Chef Jerome and Old School Diner for kicking off what is sure to be a great weekend!

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