Monday, October 4

Doggy Doggy Who Has The Bone

The past week I have been working just about every day and I felt really sorry for Duece who had to stay in his cage all day.  It is so pitiful to come home and look at his sad eyes in his kennel, half whimpering and half excited that someone is finally home to love on him.  So I was kind of relieved that I have nothing planned for today and I can spend it with Duece.  The weather has taken a turn for the AMAZING over the weekend.  It feels great outside now, so we played some in the back yard this morning and then he helped me clean the house.  Okay, so I cleaned the house and Duece played hide and seek with his raw hide.

He stole this raw hide from his g/f June a few weeks ago and I haven't seen it since.  I figured he put it somewhere as he tends to do and had just forgotten about it.  Then as I was folding clothes this morning he came to me whining, urging me to follow him.  It was about as close to Lassie trying to get you to find little timmy in the well as we are gonna get around here.  So I followed, and he showed me that he found the raw hide, it was under a pillow on the guest bed.  I saw it, acknowledge how impressed I was at his ability to find things after he hides them, and the game ensued.  I went back to folding and off he went in search of the next hiding spot.

Hiding Spot #1
In the closet, next to the shelf I stack my shoes on.

Hiding Spot #2
Under the couch

 Hiding Spot #3
In the "junk" room behind his dad's tack box.

 Finally he just gave up on the game and decided to just enjoy the raw hide.  It is funny, because sometimes he could care less about them, so I never buy them, they just end up on the floor looking gross and chewed on.  But today this has kept him entertained for about a hour so far.  Now I don't feel so guilty that I have to take him to the vet this afternoon to get his shots.

If he only knew how close he was to seeing his dad again...he would be so excited.  

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