Wednesday, October 6

One Thing Please, Pretty Please With Sugar On Top

Do you know what today is?  Okay, don't fry your brain trying to figure it out.  
Today is:
There will be a very short list today, actually only one thing.  I am asking for one very simple thing, it is about 6'1, 185lbs, brown hair, and wrapped up in a ACU package.  Can you figure it out?  Well brace yourself, a full out 5 year old little girl tantrum is about to happen....
(throws myself on the floor, bangs fists, cries, and looks around to make sure people are watching me)

That is all.
(end temper tantrum)

Now, I am off to flag football practice to take out some of my frustration on unsuspecting girls!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

**Hugs** It's almost over! Love you bunches!

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