Thursday, October 7

That Cloud Looks Like A Cookie

Oh wait, it is a cookie!  
I spent the last hour of my life making cookies.  I had three people that I wanted to thank, and personally I think that a gift of homemade cookies is the perfect way to say "thanks" without having a spend a ton of money.  I turned to a trusty recipe perfected over time by one of the best cooks I know, Diane Reed.  These little cookies are light, fluffy, look like colored little clouds floating around the sky, and are finished off with a coat of powdered sugar.  All together now...YUM!  I think the recipients of said treats will be really pleased and their tummy's will send a memo to their brain, telling them to ask for more cookies.

I baked and slaved in my hot kitchen.  Whoever built my house, while they put a vent in the ceiling in the kitchen must have to forgotten to actually run a duct thing to it.  That coupled with the hot oven and the hot it was like cooking on top of a volcano.  Now they are bagged and wrapped and ready to be given to the teacher I have been subbing for the past 2 weeks, the teacher next door who has helped me immensely when I couldn't work simple 8th grade math problems, and the sweet old man down the street who came and helped me fix the hole I put in the wall*.

The Ingredients

Mix, Mix, Mixing Away

Oooo...fresh strawberry flavored clouds

This isn't fake, this is the real deal!

Oh Snap!  Is that what I think it is? 
Why yes...
I made lemon clouds too!

*Dear Matt,
About that hole in the see what happen was...
  I fell while trying to move the table I bought into the dining room.  It was really heavy, like seriously, if you don't believe me, ask Katie.  I tripped, lost my grip on the table and as I was falling backwards I tried to through the table towards the wall, so the wall could help supports it's weight.  It was too much for the wall to handle, and BAM! a hole.  Don't worry though, as soon as Mr. John from down the street is finished it will look like the rest of the walls in our home (it won't be the only wall with a patch in it, apparently the last renter also had a problem with heavy things and put plenty of their own holes in the walls).  :)


Maloree said...

I put a hole in a wall at my parents house once... no table or other heavy furniture involved just myself tripping over my clumsy feet and grabbing the door frame for balance. Said maneuver only sped my fall up & spun me into the wall where my shoulder/head but a hole in it. I'll never live this down.

Jessica Schofield said...

Can you post the recipe to those cookies, please? Pretty please?!

Chelle said...

Yes I can Jessica! I will do it tonight, so make sure you check back. :)

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