Tuesday, October 5

Daydreams about Mini Things

I have always had a beef with places that serve ice-cream desserts, Sonic and Dairy Queen to be exact.  Their soft-serve treats only come in two sizes, big and too big.  In my humble opinion, the smalls are just too much.  How could you have such a thing as too much ice cream you ask?  Well, I didn't say that I couldn't finish the "small" (which is big), I said it was too much.  I always feel guilty after eating the whole thing if I can even finish it before it all melts.  When ever I pull up to order a soft serve treat mixed with candy goodness, I think to myself, "man, they should really invent a small "trial" size", something that would be enough to satisfy the palate and not make you feel like you must immediately run home and find the treadmill while brushing your teeth.  Ah...the stuff of dreams.

Today, that day has come!  Rejoice!

On Tuesday nights I host dinner night at my house.  I cook supper, my girlfriends come over, we watch Gossip Girl and Glee, and tonight we started a new tradition, going to Dairy Queen in between the two shows for a blizzard!  I was excited because I love an ice-cream treat, but I wasn't excited because of the aforementioned problem I have with such establishments.  That is when I saw it on the menu:  The Mini Blizzard.  PERFECT!  i have to admit that I was still skeptical that "mini" would still be big...you know some fast food establishments seem to be moving the way of all things LARGE where smalls are mediums, and mediums are larges, so on and so forth.  Using that reasoning, I thought "mini" would actually mean "small".  I was very surprised when this little frozen treasure came through the window:

And in case you are skeptical like I was of the actual size, I posed it next to a business card.  The business card is standard issue and is taller than the mini blizzard in question.

Me with my mini blizzard.  Please don't judge me, I have had a long day. 

Even Duece enjoyed a mini blizzard....well he wished, he just got to pose with the evidence.

Nighty Night!

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MooAtU2 said...

haha the last pic is too funny!

I would also like to add Coldstone to the list of places that have way too much ice cream. Good, but even the "like it" is super rich!

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