Tuesday, October 26

Oooo, Me Leeky

Tonight with our grilled pork chops we had Vegetable #2 on Chelle's List of Vegetables.
I see them all the time used on cooking shows and I have always been curious.  Granted they look like an oversized green onion, but an exotic oversized green onion in my eyes.  
My leeks look like this:

Most of the recipes I found that called for leeks were soups.  I love soup as much as the next person, but I didn't think that we needed soup and pork chops and broccoli and corn and cake...so I needed to find a way to cook them that went well with everything else on our menu.  I stumbled upon Honest Fare, and Gabi had what looked like a great recipe for grilled leeks.  I was excited to see if they tasted as exotic as I had imagined them to be.
Par boiling them to make sure they are cooked all the way through

After grillling

Rolled up and keeping it hot in the pan with the broccoli.

Um, they were okay.  Definitely not something I would cook again as a stand alone side dish, however, I would use it as an ingredient in another dish.  At least now I know.  Next on the list...Spaghetti Squash.

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