Monday, October 25

They will name Lowe's after our first born child.

They say:
The family that prays together, stays together.  I believe that.
The family that plays together, stays together.  I believe that as well.
What about the family that tackles carpentry projects together?  Before today I had my opinions.  Matt and I are both incredibly stubborn people with dominant personalities so when we both try to tackle a project together it usually ends badly for us.  We are better off each doing our own thing and then complimenting each other on a job well done.  
Since Matt has been back from Iraq he has gotten a bug.  An I want to use a hammer and saw bug, as in our back yard has become the "field of dreams".  If he builds it, they will come.  The weekend started with the successful construction of a pull-up bar and the installation of lights to make our back yard more people friendly at night time.  During the execution of said projects I took a backseat and let my hubby do his thing.  Duece and I stood proudly, albeit nervously at the back door.  We watched, waved, and made glasses of cold water.  In one weeks time, I don't think that the Langford family has gone a single day without making a contribution to the "keep Lowe's open for business fund".  I am fully expecting to be put on their Christmas card mailing list this year.  
Everything is seemingly innocent at this point.  Wife inside the house making cold glasses of water and husband outside sweating with a skill saw and concrete. Then yesterday happened.  We decided to make something together.  After an intense game of Bocce Ball yesterday with our friends Chuck and Lisa, Matt and I decided we wanted a backyard game of our own, CornHole.  A normal couple might just buy one, but why would we do that?  We have skills.  We have tools.  We have a  close relationship with Lowe's.  I was a little skeptical at first, I mean it sounded like a good idea in theory, the instructions looked harmless enough, but our inability to do projects together (the whole stubborn thing) had me a leery.  

I am proud of us, take a look for yourself.
Matt outside of Lowe's.  Yes I actually made him take this picture.  It was quick and no one was looking.

Our Loot

Making the first crucial cut, this determined the outcome of the rest of the project.
(notice the pull up bar in the background?  Nice huh?)

See, he trusts me to measure, and that my friends is a VERY important job.

Putting the pieces together.

Drilling the holes was my favorite part.

The test....Can Chelle use a jigsaw to cut a hole?


Very proud of my jigsaw handy work. You could say that I got "jiggy" with it.

Almost finished boards.

I owe both of us an apology.  I am sorry that I ever doubted us babe.  We did great!!!  We completed a carpentry project without dying, throwing a hammer, or stabbing each other with a hacksaw.  Obviously we still need to paint them, but we ran out of daylight and dry weather.  I will be sure to post a finished pictured when we get them painted.  

Duece wanted to do something today to, so he did the only thing his paws sans opposable thumbs would let him do, dig a hole...he got caught and got in trouble.  Uh, oh duecy.
"Mom please help me."

Also, tomorrow I am trying vegetable #2.  Leeks, I have NO idea what to do with them, but they use them all the time on Food Network and I have never had them, so they meet the criteria.  If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it.


MooAtU2 said...

Leeks are in the same family as onions. I made a leek soup that was pretty good. You have to make sure to wash them really good, because dirt gets stuck in the layers.

Chelle said...

Hmm...interesting. I wonder if I could just substitute them for onions in any recipe?

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