Thursday, December 30

Matt and Chelle's Rockin New Years Eve

Matt and I are headed off to Tampa, FL to ring in the New Year.  We have no concrete plans for the night, but I am sure with our friends the Morelli's and the Boudro's we will find plenty of stuff to get into.  I am excited doubly for this trip because it is the first time we have done something really cool for NYE and the first time we have gone a trip with other couples our on age.  This time of year in infamous for making plans that we rarely keep, or otherwise known as New Year's Resolutions.  Well, this year I decided to close out 2010 with some New Year's Eve Resolutions.

Chelle's New Year's Eve Resloutions
I promise I will:
1.  Not get arrested
2.  Not loose my shoes
3.  Not get into a fight
4.  Not miss the opportunity to kiss Matt at midnight.
5.  Have a cocktail for you!
6.  Wear a gaudy dress made of sequins.
7.  Have the best time

After celebrating on Friday night we are going to go to the Outback Bowl to watch Penn State and Florida duke it out in the oh so warm 77 degree Florida sunshine.  Since we don't really have a loyal bone in our body for either team, we arbitrarily decided to be Nitany Lions for the day.  Go Penn State!

I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  See ya in 2011!

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