Wednesday, December 8

Why I eat off dirty dishes

I don't REALLY eat off dirty dishes...

Why is it that:

1.  Between my husband and myself we produce more dirty dishes than a large tribe of slobs?  Seriously, I am always doing dishes.  When you run out of clean silverware and there are only 2 of you in the house you have an issue.  
2.  I always seem to forget to start the dryer?  I go back and hour later to rotate the clothes and they are still wet.  
3.  My phone rings as soon as I sit down and get comfortable?  I never have it next to me, it is always in the other room.
4.  My dog manages to always position his squeaky toy in my path, that way when I walk I step on it, causing it to squeak, triggering his need to jump up and play?  He just settled down.  Well played Duece...well played.  
5.  We have so much trash? (same as #1)
6.  I keep the extra toilet paper in the bathroom that we don't use? This is problematic.
7.  My house is so dusty?  Is your house dusty?
8.  I can't make a doctor's appointment more than 21 days out?  Seriously Tricare, I love you, but it should pay to be proactive.  And don't pretend ike you actually even have anything available within that 21 day window...we know you don't.
9. I don't have a single Christmas card worthy picture this year?
10.  My neighbors bought every single Christmas inflatable ever made, including the snow globe (you know the one) and blew them up all at the same time to put on display?  Not necessary. At. All.

What is bothering you today?


Maloree said...

Chelle, does your house have central air/heat? If it does, change the filter that should cut back on dust.

Oh & I feel you on the dishes

Chelle said...

Good Point. My filter probably does need changed. The dog doesn't help either. Thanks Maloree!

Morgan L said...

I have huge dust issues at my house as well. I think I have tried just about everything to try and fix the problem, and nothing has worked. Even changing the dang filter. Ugh!

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