Monday, December 13

Have you ever heard a cow laugh?

Me neither, thus my hesitancy to try Laughing Cow cheese.  I have bought it before for Matt and I have seen countless others eating it, but something about it just did not make me want to eat it.  I am a weird picky eater.  I love cheese, but not all cheese.  I like cream cheese but only if it is used in a way that I can not actually "see" that there is cream cheese.  I guess the same would go for the Laughing Cow, it didn't "look" good to me. At. All.  

After meandering through the store picking up some healthy (as healthy as snack food can be) I came across the cheese display case.  I love the cheese display case, it looks so pretty, and I always say to myself, "Chelle, I wish you liked more than just overly processed cheeses such as velveeta."  I think there is something exotic about sitting around and eating cheese (velveeta not included).  As I rounded the case I saw the Laughing Cow and they had a new to me flavor...French Onion. 
 I LOVE French Onion dip, so it stands to reason I might like French Onion cheese.  I bought it.  I brought it home and warned Matt that the french onion was MY Laughing Cow cheese and that he didn't need to eat it.  There it has sat for 4 days....

Finally, this afternoon in my 3 o'clock search for something to snack on I bit the bullet.  I loved it!  Who's laughing now?  
I admit it...I ate two wedges.  I love the packaging too, so those marketing people over at LC must be doing a darn good job.  Congrats on coming up with a way to make little individually wrapped easy opening spreadable cheese packages.

I find that usually when I try something food wise that I had been adverse to in the past I find that I am pleasantly surprised.  

On another note, I got into the Christmas spirit.  I tackled one of my favorite Christmas projects, WRAPPING!  I love wrapping presents and making bows.  

Happy Monday Bloglandia!

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