Monday, December 6

You are special...just like everyone else

One of my favorite holiday pastimes (can it even be considered a past time if you have only done it twice?) is an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  The Ugly Christmas Sweater party puts me in a bit of a conundrum, it means that you actually have to go to a store and buy a sweater.  It isn't so much the buying the sweater that gets me all sweaty, it is being seen with it in my cart.  Eeek!  God forbid someone see it in my cart and actually think that I LIKE the sweater, so I feel like I have to walk through the store finding excuses to loudly proclaim that I am going to a party that requires me to purchase this sweater.  

Last year, I just made a sweater with a plain sweatshirt and some puff paint, but after our extended vacation there really wasn't time for all of that fanciness.  I ran up to one of the local stores that I remembered having an extraordinary selection of said ugly sweaters.  It was doubly tough because I needed one for Matt and one for myself, and for some reason they don't make a large selection of Christmas sweaters for men (maybe because most men know better).    

I found a sweatshirt that would be suitable for Matt and one for myself.   Of course as I was checking out the cashier commented on what a cute sweater it was, bless her little gray head, I didn't have the heart to tell her that I wouldn't actually be caught dead in that sweater, I just smiled and said, "Gee, Thanks!"

When I got home and presented Matt with a sweater that had a sweet little snowflake on it and read "One Of A Kind" he was relieved that he didn't have to wear anything with glitter or bells.  No so fast Langford...  he was resigned when I presented the antlers and blinking red nose that I wanted us to wear. Have I told y'all before that my husband is a super good sport (I love him)? 

We were all set....until I had a flash of genius.

Since his shirt had a snowflake and said that he was "One Of A Kind" I was thinking that it would be funny if we had the same shirt because then we would be the same and actually not one of a kind like the sweater suggested.  I went back and exchanged my sweater...I kept the antlers and the noses!

You will have to take my word on the blinking red noses and reindeer antlers, they were pretty sweet, however I made promises to Matt certain people that they would not be featured in the blog, the sweatshirts were pushing it.

I am also willing to admit that these are NOT the tackiest Christmas sweaters I have ever seen, but in my opinion the irony was worth the sacrifice!

A special thanks to Rob and Kristi Humphrey for hosting and feeding us delicious chili and chocolate chip cookies!


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

What is this about Beauford??? I'm not see it....

Chelle said...

Check out todays post. Sorry. :)

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