Tuesday, December 7

Sweet Treat for my Sweet Pup

What did the honeydew melon say after the watermelon proposed marriage?
Sorry but I can't elope!

Just a little melon humor to get us going.  You know that you laughed a little even though it was only on the inside.

I thought about my friend Shannon from Why Not On A Tuesday as I wrote this post.  Her and her husband just got a brand new member of their family, Beauford, and he is a real cutie!  Shan, Duece said to tell Beauford that he would love this treat!

Matt loves melon and the honeydew I bought the other day just wasn't very good, it wasn't ripe enough and we were just going to throw it away.  I decided to salvage the remainder of the honeydew and turn it into a treat for Duece.  I had made him some frozen treats in the past using I recipe I found in a Rachel Ray magazine so I just used the same principle and adjusted the recipe to the ingredients I had on hand...all two of them.  Thats right this is a simple treat for your pet that only requires 2 ingredients and 4 easy steps.

1. I started with the melon in question

2. Blended it in the blender

Don't judge it because I know that it doesn't look very appetizing.

3.  Mixed in some plain all natural yogurt, just enough to thicken it up

4.  Put it in my mini cupcake pan and put it in the freezer to harden. You could use an ice cube tray but I didn't have one.

Freezing them this way is so convenient because I can put them in a ziploc and pull out as a treat when I want to.  Any fruit you have on hand (other than grapes) would work great in this recipe.  I have used both bananas and strawberries in the past.  The fruit and yogurt are also 100% okay for your dog to eat as long as it is given in moderation with the rest of their doggy diet.  

Duece didn't complain!

1 comment:

Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

I will have to try these! Beauford told me to tell you to tell Duece "Wut up." (lol)

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