Monday, December 6

The Blacation is over

Blacation: noun, A blog vacation.

I can honestly hear the catchy chorus of "Welcome Back Kotter" playing...
Nice Tie!

Over the past month that Matt has been home, my blog became that pile of laundry sitting in the corner.  You know the one, it stares at you and whispers your name.

But you convince yourself that there are little gremlins underneath it waiting to eat you so you just leave it be even though your favorite pair of jeans are buried in there. I woke up today though and decided it was time to get off my bootay and get back to it.  The blacation was nice, but I knew that even when Matt started asking me, "When are you going to blog again?" that it was time to quit being a weenie.

"Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome!"

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