Tuesday, December 21

Dr. Lou...More like Dr. Lou-ser

Okay.  I can't stand Lou Holtz.  It isn't a Notre Dame thing or anything like that.  I just find him to be the single most annoying person in. the. world.

It is just my luck that tonight, he is one of the commentators on the Beef O' Brady's bowl game.  My alma mater, University of Southern Mississippi is playing so of course I am watching, but I almost ran to the kitchen for the ice pick when I heard his voice.  No!!!!!!!  

Really just looking at him gives me the creeps and hearing his voice is like running a cheese grater on my LAST nerve.  I have actually be muting the channel when he feels like he needs to talk.  You can barely, barely decipher what he is saying, and when you can it sounds like an mix between and emu being kicked in the balls and an old lady whose tongue was cut out.  And the spitting...don't even get me started on the spitting.  

I find that he has an uncanny resemblance to granny from Beverly Hillbillies
What do you think?
Apparently I am not the only one because when I searched google images for said picture of granny, this side by side pulled up!  Hilarity.

There are so many of these videos online that document the ridiculousness of what I am trying to explain here.

  Seriously ESPN, you can find someone else that can actually talk without their dentures falling out to be a contributor to your sports channel.  And for those of you that say, "Chelle you don't even watch ESPN".  Back up...do you know my husband?  I DO watch ESPN. ALL. THE. TIME.  Thank you very much.

Are there any other Lou-ser haters out there?


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Hating on poor ole Dr. Lou! Funny thing is, I was just saying last night as we watched the game that I thought he is a cute little old man. Now, I have technically never listened to a word he has said, so I can't comment on that, but I just think he's cute!

Anonymous said...

Lou's Notre Dame teams didn't have a problem understanding what he was saying. Your the loser. He makes a lot of money giving motivational speeches, and you have only a obscure blog to run your mouth.

Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Who's the anonymous person too scared to put their name behind their comment! That's pathetic!

Chelle said...

Eh...I have a right to my opinion. Thanks for yours though.

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