Tuesday, December 21

A group of Betty Crocker's

In the spirit of Christmas baking that you saw yesterday with my Melted Snowman Cookies, I decided to share the fun night of making Christmas goodies with my mom and dear friend Mrs. Diane.  Mrs. Diane is an incredible cook and caterer and had a long list of things to have ready for some clients in time for Christmas, so my mom and I decided to go lend our services.   We had a really fun night slaving away helping in the kitchen.  

Chopping walnuts for the Cranberry Cream CheeseBall

Mixing that cheeseball with Mrs. Diane's Kitchen Aide Mixer.  Using this mixer just confirmed my suspicion that I NEED a mixer.  

The whip cracker herself!

Corn Flake Candy

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

I finally got them to smile for the camera.

Peanut Butter Balls.  I love these, it was a mistake to put me in charge of dipping them.  There were a lot that accidentally didn't look pretty enough, so I had to dispose of the evidence.

Martha Washington Balls

Chex Snack Mix

Spicy Cracker Mix

There were a few more things that I didn't get pictures of, Chess Squares, Pineapple Cheese Balls, and Puppy Chow.  Even looking back at the pictures now is making me hungry for all of those sweet and salty treats!


Cari Walters said...

I second the motion on a mixer. I want one so bad. BTW the bread turned out great! Ill have to make you a loaf! :)

Morgan L said...

How do you make peanut butter balls? I seriously think I could eat about a million based on that picture.

Chelle said...

Morgan, I they were already made when I got there, I just dipped them in chocolate. I can find out for you.

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