Wednesday, September 22

I need a realtor because my feet are homeless!

Yay!  It is my favorite day of the week, Wednesday!  It is my favorite because it is an open forum for me to tell you want I want, and since I make the rules one can tell me that I am being a brat.
It is all about the shoes! 
They are cute and serve a purpose.  I love things that are cute AND serve a purpose, that way you don't have to feel so guilty for having so many pairs.  You can look at shoes as a house for your feet. 
Let's go house hunting!

The first pair that I want comes from Lindsey Phillips Shoes.

I am boring and want them in black, because we all know that black goes with everything.  See that little flower on the end of the shoe, it is magical.  It pops off and can be replaced with a treasure trove of other snaps:

These are just an example of the snaps that are offered.  And at only $12.99 for a snap you can give your flat a totally different look on the cheap.  I fully believe that this practical little shoe would find itself in successful rotation in my shoe wardrobe.  In fact, these are so cute, I might not even be able to leave the house in them, people would most likely mob me and rob me...of my shoes.  Then my feet would be left without a home.  I should probably get 2 pair in case my first pair gets stolen.

Did you notice how I said "first" pair earlier...well, I also want these:

Aren't they purty?  
Don't look at the price tag...just pull out your wallet and buy them for me.  I am convinced that these would be the perfect winter boot...just listen to my sales pitch.
They are brown, again, brown goes with everything, it it true...don't fight it.  They are also flat (ish), so would be easy to walk in, no slips.  They are screaming, "tuck your jeans into me", but they are also quietly whispering, "I would also look great with a dress."
I hate to admit this but I had an opportunity to buy these boots one time, but I couldn't make myself do it.  My husband told me I could, but something about indulging in the subtle brown leather of these boots made me leave the store empty handed.  I have regretted it to this day. Shannon, I know you told me so.

In conclusion a letter to my husband:
Dear Matt,
This may or may not be a hint about something you could get me for Christmas.  I love you, can't wait to see you VERY soon.


Shannon said...

Chelle your rocking chair is on Better After!! So cool!

Chelle said...

OMG seriously?! Thanks for the heads up!

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