Thursday, September 2

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who is the oldest lady of them all?  
Grandma Chelle.

Ever find yourself doing something, a hobby, and realize what a granny you are?  I had a similar revelation last year about this time when I decided I wanted to crochet a blanket. (it is still a 1/2 crocheted blanket).  Today I had another one as soon as I finished putting together my fake flower arrangement.  Yes, you heard me, I said fake flower arrangement.  Isn't that the most granny thing ever? This is how I imagine our conversation going:
Me -"I made an arrangement out of silk flowers today."
You- "Oh Chelle, I bet it is lovely."
Me- "It did turn out nicely, but don't you think it is kind of an "old" hobby for me to have?"
You- "Of course not, making arrangements out of silk flowers is a perfectly acceptable activity for an 82 year old woman."
Me- "I am 25."
You- "Oh...well...I..."

Okay, before you throw denture cream at me, I had a good excuse. Actually my reasons are three fold:

1.  I am moving to a new home this weekend and wanted a lovely flower arrangement for my table (that I don't have).  I usually use fresh flowers, but again, this was going to serve a multitude of purposes.

2.  I am also having a dinner party in a week or so with my girlfriends (okay, it is a Gossip Girl premier party) and I needed a Blair Waldorf worth centerpiece for dinner.  I know that sounds like something a middle schooler would do.  I really don't need you judging me.  If you can't tell I do plenty of that myself.

3.  There is no Hobby Lobby where I am moving to and I needed an excuse to go one more time.  Plus I had a 40% one regular priced item I wanted to use.  Today the craft gods were smiling down on me because silk flowers were 50% (score!).

Here is the before shot of all of the floral goodies I found today.

And Voila!  A perfectly delightful centerpiece for my dining room/dinner party. The bouquet is made up of mostly peonies and rananculus.  

Blair Waldorf approved?  Check!


Morgan L said...

I think its lovely!

Tara said...

Chelle, you will have a Hobby Lobby not too far from you. Its in Statesboro! I go there normally about once a month or so. LOVE it!
Your arrangement looks beautiful and very 25ish lol!

J said...

Love this whole post! And yes, I do have the 'old lady' hobbies too.

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