Sunday, September 12

No pictures please!

I really like it when blogs post pictures to go along with their posts.  They just make the posts so much more readable and enjoyable.  I try to have pictures with mine as well so that my posts actually come to life.  Well today there will be no pictures.  I sat around until 3 o'clock in my underwear. (with the exception of the 20 min that I put a pair or shorts on and ran to the store for something I needed) Pathetic huh?  I really don't think y'all need a visual of that, trust ain't pretty.  I felt guilty until I remember that one day I will have a kid and I will not be able to lay around in my underwear at all.  The only reason I decided that at 3 pm I should shelp my nassy self to the shower was that some old friends and their little girl were cooking dinner for me.  Thank you Matt, Jenn, and Emma for giving me a reason to scrap my but up from the recliner today.

Frankly I think my laziness today stems from the late night I had Friday night out in downtown Savannah (oh, how I have missed you Savannah).  I once again proved to myself that at 25 you don't recover from late nights quite as quickly as you did at 24, 23 and 22.  So since I didn't do anything today that required my heart rate to register beyond basic life, I can not go to sleep.  It is a vicious cycle.

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