Tuesday, September 7

Hey Duece! You been eating corn chips?

I love my dog.  I love that he sleeps curled up in a little ball under the sheets to keep my feet warm.  Technically yes, I said that he would never sleep in our bed, and Matt upheld our little end of the bargain, but I broke it.  Matt went to some training for a few weeks, came home, and the dog had taken up permanent residence in our bed.

The weird thing is, when he has been curled up in a ball for a while sleeping and you wake him up, and when he first comes out from under the covers, he smells like corn chips...yes, like Fritos.  Weird, I know.

Does anyone know why that happens?

And to conclude, how about a little Duece cuteness from yesteryear when he was just a little pup.
Collective sigh...Awww!

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