Wednesday, September 8

What A Girl Wants Wednesday

I am back!  I got moved in to my new house in GA (pictures to come) and after four long days of having no cable TV or internet, I am back.  A special thanks to the weird Comcast guy that sang gospel songs the entire time he was installing my services.  I appreciated his time for providing me with my lifeline (facebook) to the outside world, but his serenades were totally unnecessary.

So on to the point...what do I want today?

Well, good question! 
I want a Lawnmower.

but, I would settle for this:

A riding mover would be nice, and nothing runs like a Deere, but for my smaller yard, a push mower would do the trick.  I actually do not mind yard work.  There is a sense of satisfaction that you get from seeing the neatly trimmed blades of grass that make up your well manicured yard.
Actually I need the push mower.  I discussed recently the difference between wants and needs, but this really is necessary.  I am embarrassed by my yard.
When I first came to look for a house my #1 complaint was, um...why doesn't anyone here cut their grass?  How annoying is that?  
Very, I can tell you from a first hand perspective, I have become one of those yards *gasp*.  I know, but the only solution to this dilemma is to get a lawnmower.  
Right now my yard is somewhere between looking a little shabby and could hide a small child.

I looked into having a service come by and do the landscaping for me, with really only a few months of grass growing left before winter time I thought it might make more sense. Truth be told, I think landscaping companies around Hinesville, GA make more than Angelina Jolie does.  I could buy my own mower for what it would cost to pay someone to cut/weed-eat/edge my yard for one month.
No, thank you I want to be able to buy groceries.

If I am being really greedy I can ask for this duel purpose vehicle and grass cutter,

Yes Please!

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