Monday, September 13


Mrs. L having a dinner party with her friends and catching the season premier of Gossip Girl!  

My friends and I have been waiting for this night a while, and I have to say aside from the fact that we only got 2 min of Chuck Bass at the very end of the episode, it didn't disappoint.  I won't talk much about the episode because I realize that not many people actually watch and the last thing you want me to do is go on and on about the lives of our favorite New York City gals and guys. 

Really it was a night for me to host my friends at the new house, spend time gossiping (no pun intended), and eating.  Any excuse to have a night with the girls is good in my book.  In addition to showing up, the invite encouraged everyone to dress inspired by their favorite character, since I couldn't dress as Chuck Bass, I decided to go as Queen B herself.

My Blairesque oufit

Close up of the all important headband

Duecy had a friend come for the night too, Miss Mila O'Reilly.  She also dressed up for the event, notice her pink "shoes".

As a favor for my guests (because every Upper East sider would have a snazzy gift for their party goers) I provided them with a monogrammed wine glass.

I made the glasses using contact paper, stickers, and glass etching cream.  As a bonus the gift served two purposes:
1.  A place for their wine during the show
2.  A parting gift to remember the night by
I think they were a hit and I want to thank Sara D. from Are We There Yet? not only for a fun blog to read but for the inspiration for favor, you can also fine a tutorial on how to create your own set of monogrammed wine glasses!

Thanks for a great night girls!

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Cari Walters said...

Ive wanted to do an etching project for sometime now....These are really great! Thanks for sharing.

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