Wednesday, September 15

Its Wednesday, and you know what that is!

You got it!  Time for me to add to my ever growing wish list, a girl can dream right?

I was cooking away my mean for one tonight (Zucchini again, surprise surprise) and I was thinking about my dream kitchen.  What I have now will definitely suffice for the time being but it is lacking not only in the space department, but also the style department.
This is what I am currently working with:

And this is what a girl wants: (yes that is a fact)

I love the tall glass cabinets and the whimsical feel that the rolling ladder gives to this kitchen.  Wow, I can just see myself skirting around in there in my cute little apron baking cookies and climbing up that ladder to reach my old cookbook! 
This is so bright and welcoming.  This is a kitchen that all the neighborhood kids would want to gather in. Of course I wouldn't just have random kids from the hood in my kitchen, they would be friends of my future children.  I am definitely convinced that this kitchen would host GREAT dinner parties, and dinner parties are right up my alley.

The green finish on these cabinets is so unexpected and  also right up my alley, at this point "my alley" is going to be full of random pieces of kitchens.  I love green, so what better way to show that off than to incorporate that into my kitchen (future of course).  That lantern that is hanging in the foreground is basically chanting my name.  Can you hear it?  "C-h-e-l-l-e"  

One day, when Matt and I close the chapter on the crazy Army life and we settle down somewhere, I know that Matt will make sure I have the kitchen of my dreams.  He is convinced that I am a good cook, so any means to enhance that he would be down with.  So in the meantime I will just be taking mental snapshots of all the things I want.

In the spirit of favorite kitchen designs I thought I would share some more kitchen favorites.
These are some of my favorite things to use in my kitchen.

My go-to spices.  Garlic powder, onion powder, Tonys, Sea Salt, and fresh ground black pepper.  If my house was on fire and I could grab 5 spices I would grab these.  They aren't exotic in any way, some may even consider them boring, but to me they are essential to my taste buds enjoying a meal.  I fully believe that alone or a combination of these flavor magicians is all you need to make a tasty meal.

These are my fav tools, a mandolin, my pampered chef spatula (bowl and batter scraper), microplane, and pampered chef ice cream scooper.  I love using these tools, they all serve their purpose and never fail me.  Aside from their functionality, the microplane makes me feel like a real life chef...zesting away in the kitchen.

My measurement and conversion chart.  I need it, I have to have it survive.  I can not even tell you how many times I have to reference this chart that is conveniently stuck to my fridge.  Without this it would be disaster more often than not.

And now after typing all of that and seeing the picture of my ice cream scooper, I want Ice Cream, that I don't have.  While I may want ice cream, I do NOT want to go to the store.

For my mom Brenda:
He misses you 2.


Brenda said...

oh thank you chelle for the picture of duecy boosie. I sure miss you both.

Anonymous said...

Nice kitchen you got Chelle and your dream kitchens are almost like mine! ^_^

Sparrow's Nest said...

it looks like it's time for you to get mid-evil on that kitchen :) It took me a couple months (only because I was still in school and living an hour and a half away from my house, no worries) but I sanded, primed, and painted my ugo laminate cabinets into fabulous white cabinets. (I couldn't afford a whole redo, but sand paper, primer, and paint aren't too expensive.) Search kitchen on my blog if you wanna see the transformation. :)

Chelle said...

Sparrow's me, I would love to unleash some medieval on that kitchen, but alas, we are in a rent house, and I am not really into improving a property that isn't mine. Your new white kitchen looks great!

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