Tuesday, February 15

Why my husband is quitting the Army and becoming a chef

I am joking, but I definitely think that he could pull it off.  We all know that yesterday was Valentine's Day and for weeks Matt has insisted that he make me dinner.  He planned it all out himself, cooked it himself, and we then cleaned up the kitchen together.  That is what he was busy doing yesterday when I went to get my haircut.  I was instructed to stay out of the house until around 6.  Matt knew he had to keep me out of the house completely or he wouldn't be able to keep me out of the kitchen.  I may or may not have control issues when it comes to let Matt cook.  

When I came home sporting my new do, he immediately told me he liked it, but then had to run back to the kitchen to complete his masterpiece.

Matt's Four Course Valentine's Day Dinner:

Salt and Pepper Cheese Puffs
 Look how the center was hollow, all puffed up just like they should be.
They were so good, I was impressed that he made these from scratch.

A Salad
He even added the Klaussen Pickle spears because I LOVE them and it was a holiday about love after all.

Steak Remoulade Sandwich with Broccoli 

He made the remoulade sauce, grilled the steak, and dressed the sandwich with yellow bell pepper and spinach.

And for dessert
Chocolate Chip Cookies....can't beat em'.

I have absolutely no problem admitting and professing that he did a great job with dinner. He might have actually made a mistake because now that I know he can cook so well, he might have that responsibility more often.  I also will reluctantly admit that knowing he was in the kitchen while I wasn't home wasn't as stressful as I thought.  I really appreciate he hard work and effort!


Dayle said...

Holy cow!! Way to go, Matt! Give him a high five for me!

Gregg made a similar mistake with wrapping presents. I do alllll of the wrapping, but I realized on my birthday this year that Gregg's wrapping is almost better than mine!

Chelle said...

Dayle, he really did a great job. I haven't been able to stop bragging on him. Poor greg...I can see him with a ribbob tied around his finger.

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