Monday, February 21

Better than most....Better than most

I would like for you to give a big ol' blog-land welcome to my first guest blogger!  

This person got to experience a once in a lifetime event today and together we have been debating a guest blog post, so why not today when he has a exciting exceptional story to tell.

Without further ado, my white-belt wearing, ball hitting, club swinging husband....

I don't even know where to begin.  Ever since I watched the 2000 Player's Championship I have dreamed of visiting, let alone actually playing, the Stadium Course at Sawgrass.  For those of you that don't know the TPC at Sawgrass is the host to the Player's Championship every year in May.  This tournament has the largest purse in all of golf.  All professional golfers consider this tournament the "fifth major".  Recently Chelle and I discovered that during the month of February the TPC was offering a special military rate.  Let me assure you that this rate isn't that "special", but it is bearable.  With the lovely wife blessing off on the adventure I made a tee time for this morning at 0810.  I woke up at 0345 to make the drive with my friend Chip and I think we left just a bit early.  I say this because when I got to the course, the sun still wasn't up.  Can you tell that I was just a little excited?

The Front Nine:  I haven't felt nerves like I had on the first tee since state tournaments in high school.  I didn't really have anyone to impress, but I couldn't help but to get nervous.  The first hole is about 423 yards with a narrow fairway.  I tried to clear my head and make solid contact.  Just a little right into the rough, but actually not that bad.  I had 155 left into the green and hit it long and right.  A great chip put me to about 2 feet and I walked away unscathed.  It would be one of the last times and I didn't get scuffed up.  A double on 2 cost me.  #3 is a 175 yard par 3 and I hit it in the center of the green.......and 3 putted for bogey.  Par on 4.  5,6, and 7 were disastrous.  I literally averaged a double bogey on these holes.  You could say I found the water a couple of times.  A couple bogeys on 8 and 9 and the front was over.  And it was ugly.  47.  Happiest 47 I have ever shot.

 The clubhouse is 77,000 square feet.  I don't even know how to describe it.  As a guest you only have access to a portion of the clubhouse.  As a "TPC" (The Player's Club) the PGA Tour owns the course and the members that are professionals have their own private area.  Players like Vijay Singh, Jim Furyk, Frank Lickliter, etc.  

The Back Nine:  #10 is extremely tight off the tee.  I hit it in the fairway bunker, but did hit the green with my second shot.  Story of my life though......I 3 putted for bogey.  11 and 12 hurt, but it started to turn around at 13.  #13 is a par 3 with water and a sloping green.  Hit it to 12 feet and two putted.  Made par on 14 and 15.  Bogeyed 16 and that led me to the most famous hole in the United States.  The island green 17th.  In theory it shouldn't be that hard.  It is 137 yards.  However, today it was windy with a pin tucked on the front.  All I could think about on the tee was how I told Chelle that my only wish was to hit the 17th.  I took a deep breath and swung my 9 iron.  Couldn't have been happier!!! It land on the right side of the green.  The putt for birdie actually hit the lip and I made par.  I hit a big drive on 18 and followed that up with a 4 iron into the green.  Without a doubt my best consecutive shots of the day.  Tour Pros would kill to hit the fairway and green on 18, but once again..........3 putted for bogey.  I finished with a 42 on the back for a total of 89.  Never before has an 89 put a smile on my face this big!

I am glad that Matt got to cross this off of his bucket list.


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Your first guest blogger - I'm jealous! Matt was too funny with all his golf mumbo jumbo (that I didn't understand).

Chelle said...

I am not going to lie Shan, it was hard for me to give over the reigns. I even told him to make sure he keeps in mind my readers, so he toned down the mumbo jumbo some. He has been asking to blog for a while, so I gave in.

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