Tuesday, February 22

What my dryer does when I am not looking

I think it is understood that most people's dryers form a partnership with the sock black market in which they openly exchange your socks with other dryers in the neighborhood to insure that you never get the same socks out of the dryer that you put in. 
Wouldn't you know it?
Apparently my much more industrious dryer got a second job at a sock factory, because I am convinced that I always get MORE socks back than I put in.  I swear I don't know where they all come from.  Finally Mt. Socks-a-lot had grow to the point of avalanche on the top of my dryer.  I had to call in air support to get them to the couch.  I am going in, so if I am not back, send in a search party.

Update:  They all had matches but 3.  I'll say that is pretty good.  If you could please talk to your dryers and see if we can do some bargaining to get my socks back.

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Michelle said...

Love this post! We now have that problem going on with Elijah's socks too. UGH
Thanks for always making me laugh!

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