Friday, February 18

Sunbury Crab Co: Where they may not know your name, but the food tastes good!

As our time in Georgia is drawing to an end, Matt and I are finding ourselves scurrying to visit places and eat at our favorite restaurants before we have to hit the dusty trail.  One of our most beloved local favorites is Sunbury Crab Co.  It didn't take much convincing when Matt suggested we go there for dinner.

I love the laid back decor here, it really makes me feel like I could be on a hammock in the Florida Keys' just relaxing. 
You can walk right out from the parking lot onto the dock/marina.  The food they use is caught right out of the river here.  When I asked, "Is the blue crab fresh?"  I was told "yes m'am, caught it out of the river this week."  You can beat fresh seafood! 

Matt always gets the Landshark when we come here, like I said it def has a distinct Jimmy Buffet vibe, so why not drink the Jimmy beer? 
Matt gets his beer and I get my crab crackers.  I like to get the bucket of blue crab, because you see that bucket right there...yes, it will be filled to the brim with warm seasoned blue crab. 
My favorite time to go is right before sunset, you can watch out to the river, eat, and just enjoy the view.  In the summer time, the restaurant is open air, and you can normally find live local bands serenading you as you dig in to your oysters, crab, shrimp, or whatever the fresh catch of the day is. 
Tonight though they had the plastic over the windows cause it was kind of nippy and the sand gnats can be annoying.
One word=Crunchy
In my vernacular crunch fries are to. die. for. 

 Love eating seafood from the river, on the river.
Gonna miss this place.

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