Tuesday, June 21

Somewhere over the rainbow is a magical land of cakes!

On Saturday, I entered that magical land fires a blazin!  If you have known me for any period of time you would know that there is seriously only one dessert that I dream about at night love to eat, cake.  Specifically, yellow cake with vanilla butter-cream frosting.  Can I get an AMEN?!

So when we were invited to Margaritas and Fajitas this past weekend, I knew that God spoke to me and said, "Chelle, you must make this cake."  I am not one to disobey, so to work I went.  God was definitely looking out for me and my waistline because when he dictated that I take the cake the M&F night, he knew that I would have to share, and therefore be unable to hoard the entire cake for myself.  Me and my trusty mixer got to work!

The finished product
Oh wait, it gets better.  I couldn't just show up with a boring yellow cake. I needed an explosion once people cut into it, but it would not be practical to place an actual bomb inside of the cake, you know for people's safety and all, blah blah blah...

Drum Roll Please.
(yes, that is what a drum roll sounds like. don't argue)

So I decided on a a COLOR explosion.  Boom! Hello, sweet sweet rainbow cake! 

I should go on an on about how hard it was and how much time I spent slaving in the kitchen to get just the right concoction of cake and color.  But that would be a lie.  And since this cake was ordained by God himself, I can't lie about it.
It was easy, with a capital E.  I used a standard box mix and 2 cans (eek, that sounds really unhealthy) of frosting.  Just measured out into 6 separate bowls about 1 cup of batter and *colored it.  Then I made sure I greased and floured my pans really really good.  That step was important since it was such a thin layer of cake.  Instead of following the directions on the box for baking, I baked at 325 for 11 min.  Each layer came out perfect and moist.  Assemble each layer with frosting, bada bing bada boom, a cake!

* I wanted to make a note on food coloring.  If you are interested in coloring your food, but not the runny consistency that liquid color gives, you should really invest in some Wilton Gel Colors.  The BEST, hands down.


Michelle said...

This post made me laugh Chelle! Thanks and the cake looks great.

Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

I have been wanting to make a rainbow cake! Yours turned out so cute!!

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