Thursday, June 9

Saguaro National Park

 Have you ever seen a cactus forest? 
I hadn't either until recently.  I didn't even know they existed.  Apparently, Arizona is home to the largest forest of Saguaro Cactus in the nation.  While my grandparents and Mim were here we decided to take the scenic loop through the forest and check it out!

Matt and I kept saying how bad it would be if we were stuck (no pun intended) out there, because believe looked prickly.

I have always had a picture of what a cactus looked like in my mind, but I had no idea they were this big 
We looked like little dwarfs next to this ginormo.
Here is a better view of the fast mountain side of Cacti. 
A fun cactus facts: 
A full grown cactus, approx 50-60 years old, weighs 8 tons...8 TONS!

And finally the gang:
Mim, Me, Duece, Grandma, and Grandaddy

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