Friday, June 10

Introducing Our Baby

We are having a boy! 
We are both very excited and we asked our ultrasound tech to snap this photo of us right after we found out.
I was lying there on the table as our ultrasound came to an end and the tech said, "Want to know what you are having?"
I watched Matt as she revealed the sex, he was sitting in the chair next to me, and he hopped out of that seat, both hands in the air, like he had rocket boosters attached to his butt.  I think he had to try really hard to keep from giving out a loud yell, one of which would have certainly scared every patient in the office.  I have had a sneaking suspicion that it was a little boy.  We are both thrilled!

We we are introducing Robert Neil Langford to the blogosphere:
We had such a long ultrasound.  He was being extra bouncy, so it took the tech a long time to see all the benchmarks she was looking for.  She described him as being in a one of those bouncy chairs attached to a door frame, he is standing straight up, putting lots of fun pressure on my bladder.  I found out the good news that I no longer have to show up with a full bladder, hallelujah!  His little heart was pumping and beating like crazy, and is about the size of a quarter (how cool is that).  After a tough couple of weeks from our last ultrasound, we were relieved and incredibly thankful to still have a healthy growing baby.

Here is a progression of my expanding waistline: 

Can't wait to share the next update with y'all!


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Holy crap! A quarter! That just literally blew my mind that they were able to tell the sex off a baby the size of a quarter!!


Chelle said...

The heart is the size of a quarter. He is about the size of a large onion. I have the hardest time looking at the ultrasound and being able to tell what I am looking at. I feel like Rachel on the episode of friends where everyone can see the baby but her!

Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

OOOOhhhh, the heart is the size of a quarter! I misread. That makes a lot more sense!

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