Monday, June 20

Fajitas and Margaritas

So it was less margarita for me and more fajita, but a girl can dream right?  I haven't really been craving any off limit alcoholic beverages lately, but there is something about everyone else enjoy nice salty rimmed glasses full of tangy frozen margarita that will make a pregnant girl's mouth drool.
Saturday we were invited over to Jason and Michala Siler's house (parents to the cutest little girl) for a fun game night, delicious food, and cold drinks.  We had such a good time!

Joel and Baby Kennedy also proved to us that having a baby isn't the end of a social life, esp if you end up with a little social butterfly like Kennedy.  She held her own throughout the night including Four On The Couch and Taboo.  Buzzz.....

Jeanie and Rick Landgraf

The Margarita Feast
Again, I repeat, I did not consume any alcohol, but....I might have sniffed the strawberry margarita mix. 
There might have been a pinata, maybe.  Happy Birthday Grace!

Things we learned:
-The fire will not keep us from partying 
-Fast paced pictionary doodling almost always looks like something inappropriate
-Taboo is not easy when played with margaritas
-Pinatas may cause whiplash
-Having great friends is such a blessing

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Michelle said...

Love these post! Glad you both had such a fun night.

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