Wednesday, April 27

Lindy's on 4th

A few weeks ago, while watching Man vs. Food, we discovered Lindy's on 4th.

It looked like a crazy burger joint, and better yet it was in Tuscon.  Score.  We decided the next time we were in Tucson that we would track this place down for supper.
This is what enticed us...
The OMFG Burger
That would be: nine 1/3 pound patties, cheddar, swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion, and lindy's sauce.
WOW!  We weren't necessarily up to the challenge but it did make us want to check out this unique burger joint!

I was interested in trying the special burger of the month, but I knew my stomach couldn't handle it.  It was the Southern Comfort:  a patty, bacon, egg, cheese, peanut butter, and syrup all sandwiched between two waffles.  Yowza!

Matt decided on the Velvet Hammer, a double patty with cheese, two fried eggs, and all the fixings!

I settled for a cheesesteak and I didn't even come close to eating the entire thing. 
It might be because I filled up on these bacon ranch fries!

It was a fun place for dinner, maybe next time I can talk Matt into the OMFG Burger!


Morgan L said...

Yum!!! Those fries make my mouth water!

Cari Walters said...

Burger Heaven!!!! YUM!!! Geoff would have gladly helped you with that Cheese steak!! I love Man vs Food!!! That guy is insane!! :)

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