Thursday, April 21

I rescued a stray today...

I rescued a stray at the grocery store today, it seems to be happening more and more to me.  I must have a sign on my head that reads: Sucker.

Today it happened on the international food aisle.  I couldn't tell where it was coming from at first, I just heard..."Chelle....chelle, oh chelle..."  and finally and bent down and I heard, "yeah you!"  I saw them, laying there discarded between the Asian noodles and soy sauce like someone just tossed them out of their buggy...double stuffed oreos.

And you know momma raised me right.  I am not the one to be rude, especially to cookies, so I listened to what they had to say.  When they told me their story about how some lady had picked them up and promised them a new home only to discard them next to the sad Asian noodles, I couldn't help but console them.  I assured them that they would have a new home at my house in my belly.

So I rescued them and gave them a new home.
 Aren't I sweet?

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Morgan L said...

I tend to rescue them two bags at a time now that I'm pregnant. *hangs head in shame*

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