Sunday, April 3

Fill Er Up Captain!

To be honest I got a lot of my visions of traveling across the West from what I saw in old movies.  You know, tumbleweeds blowing across the road, Tee pee motels, and signs that clearly warn you..."LAST GAS FOR 100 MILES".  As it turns out, those signs do not exist, at least where we were driving.  

We left Carlsbad, NM and we both figured that with our tanks half full we had plenty to get us to the next fill up...little did we know that the next fill up wouldn't come for 140 miles.  Matt drives a big truck, and we all know that "truck" is code word for gas hog.  Matt had the GPS with him so he looked up the next gas station it was 80 miles and his gas hog told him he had 115 miles to empty.  No problemo right?

This is a picture of his gas tank when he finally coasted into a gas station on fumes.

And this is how excited he was that he didn't run out of gas 6 miles from a gas station.  About 6 miles out, his gauge went to big fat ZERO.  Sweating it doesn't describe how tense the situation was, we are talking putting the truck in neutral going down hills.

He truck hold 26 gallons, nuff said.

We learned our lesson, when driving in New Mexico, Texas, and AZ...fill up whenever you see a gas station. I am so thankful he didn't run out, even though a small part of me wished I had that ammunition for the rest of my life.


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Looks awesome!

Chelle said...

What looks awesome? LOL, seeing zero on our gas gauge?

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