Sunday, April 10

Beautiful Bisbee

Saturday afternoon we Matt managed to pull himself away from the Masters so we could go explore this little gem of a town we had heard about from several people.  

Welcome to Bisbee, AZ!
The old town is set into the mountainside and the buildings and streets are a maze of stairs, twists and turns.  I am not going to lie, I got a little winded hiking up and down the streets.  

Bisbee is the location of an old mining city and there is this huge quarry there that Matt and I weren't really sure about.  We couldn't figure out if it was still operational or if it was just remnants from industry gone by.  It was obvious from the shops around town that this was a prime mining location for turquoise and copper.
Every where you turned there were stair cases like these tucked behind and in between buildings.  Some of them seemed to go to nowhere, and others just kept going up, up, up!

There happened to be a classic car show on Main Street and Matt picked out this beauty.  Doesn't it scream sensible family car for a growing family?  I think so too! 

Then when we saw this it screamed, "Billy Mc".  I knew he would appreciate us taking a picture of his dream El Camino SS.

We will just call this vehicle "The Thing", it was interesting to say the least.

We had a nice lunch at Santiago's, and authentic Mexican Restaurant.  Well, it was more authentic than the Mexican food we were used to in Mississippi.   

It was definitely and interesting town, and had it not been for the 25 mph gusts of wind whipping us all around we might have stayed for the Second Saturday celebration.  We will definitely check that out next month, hopefully in warmer temps.
Bye Bye Bisbee!

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