Thursday, March 24

WWF announces it's next fight: Chelle's Car versus 4X4

Bright and Early Monday morning we started the second half of our PCS from Georgia to Arizona.  
Matt was right when he said that PCS stood for Pretty Crappy Start.  We weren't more than 4 1/2 hours into our trip when BAM!  I hit the 4X4.  I saw it happening, my life flashed before my eyes.  I had about 2 seconds from the time I saw Matt drive over it to when it was going to be resting with me in my passenger seat. Okay so it wasn't going to come through my window, but I sure thought it might.  In those two seconds I had to made one of two decisions:
1. Try to center it and ride over it in my car.  I knew that the clearance of my car to the ground was not enough to comfortably do this.  I was afraid I would end up dragging it underneath.  NOT GOOD.
2.  Try and swerve and miss it, but I was pretty sure I couldn't swerve enough.  Not enough and I would center it with my right tire, too much and I would definitely be down the steep median.  Again, NOT GOOD.

Do you see my dilemma, I did not have a good choice either way, it was lose/lose, so I braced for the swerve and a millisecond later I was on the walkie talkie to Matt.  

"Um, I think that popped my tire", I said.

Matt was not surprised by this because he had watched this entire scenario play out in his rear view mirror.
" Yeah, I am pretty sure I saw your hubcap go flying down the other lane," he told me.

Oh, no!  No hubcap?  That's right folks, I am now driving across the country in fine redneck white trash fashion, with only 3 hubcaps.

After we pulled over and inspected we were relieved to see that my tire wasn't messed up at all, but that is where the relief stopped.  Can you see on the right side were my rim is busted?  As they say in this part of the country, "No Bueno!"

I know that the lack of a hubcap may be painful to your eyes, Lord knows it is to mine, but try to be okay with it...for my sake.

Knowing we needed the spare, we ventured off to my truck, where the spare has sat untouched for the last 5 years.  Together with Duece we prayed that it would be in working condition. 
This left me feeling even more ghetto.  All of the belongings we were moving across the country in my truck, now were staged in the parking lot of the liquor store we found refuge in.

Matt was my savior and worked his magic on my lugnuts.

Duece administered his advice from the sidelines.

Want to know how hard it is to find a rim for a 2006 Mazda 6 at 4:45 in Ruston, LA is?  
I'll explain...
You basically have a better shot at winning the LA PowerBall lottery.  Thankfully a dear friend in the auto parts business in Petal helped us track one down at a salvage yard in Longview, TX.  So I limped down the interstate on my spare the 3 hours to Longview were we waited till open of business.

First thing Tuesday morning, we were back in business and on the road.
I have forever learned my lesson about 4x4's in the middle of the interstate.


Morgan L said...

You were in Ruston, LA?! That is where my dad's family is from. Small world.

Chelle said...

Yes, I was Morgan. We drove through on our way to OK!

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