Monday, March 7

What it looks to like to move like an adult...

I have moved in the past, but never in this fashion.  It was always a few loads in a friend's/parent's pick-up truck, maybe a u-haul truck here and there, but definitely a sketchy ride down the road in which you had to watch out the back window to make sure your mattress wasn't falling off the truck.

Compared to what I have experienced in the past, moving with the Army is moving in style.  They showed up bright and early...30 min to be exact and they worked continuously for 6 hours (sorta).  I had visions of big bulky movers coming to load our stuff up, so I was really REALLY surprised with the driver and his helper climbed out of the cab coming it at 75 and 63 years old respectively.  Ernie, the 75 year old driver, had worked for Bekins Moving Co. for 30+ years.  I trusted that he knew what he was doing, but I did not trust his ability to not have a heart-attack while trying to lift our one ton buffet.  Thankfully he stuck to just writing stuff down on his clip board.

I also have a few comment about his two helpers.  I don't know their names because 1.  The 63 year spoke with a heavy French accent and may or may not have been missing teeth and 2.  The second helper mumbled every time I asked him his name.  I do know that Mr. 63 served in the French Legion.  It is slightly (but not really at all) comforting to know that I have a former French special forces juggernaut watching over out stuff. And Mr. Mumble did managed to tell me that he loved "The Notebook" and admitted to crying at the end, so for that I respect him and trusted him to load my belongings onto the Bekins truck.

So now, as we speak our stuff is floating across the country somewhere and I can only hope and pray it all makes it's way back to our new Arizona casa in one piece.

They arrived and started carting our boxes outside.

I had never been inside of an eighteen wheeler trailer before so I took every opportunity to climb inside and look around.  Who knew they had wood floors?  Tres' chic.

Duece was the faithful watcher.  He spent all day perched in the window.  I think he also sensed Ernie's frailty and wanted to make sure he survived to the end of the day.

They were very methodical and staged everything in the drive way before they loaded it on the truck.
See the open door there?  Well our stuff only took up from that door to the front of the trailer.  I was so surprised and how they fit it all in there, it was like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

Bye Bye Stuff, see ya real soon! (I hope)

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

At first I thought yall had filled up that whole 18-wheeler and I was thinking, "GOOD GRIEF!"

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