Sunday, March 20

The Day I Turned Twenty-Six and realized I was only 4 years away from 30!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I felt weird blogging about my birthday on my birthday...a little to self serving if you ask me.  So I decided to just wait to do it today.  I mean, my mom did go through a lot of trouble to get me here 26 years ago so the least I could do is acknowledge it on behalf of her.  

Matt kept asking me, "we aren't really doing anything special for your birthday, are you sure you are okay with that?".  I most definitely was okay with that, it isn't every day that I get to watch the nieces and nephews play softball and soccer, see a movie with Matt in the middle of the day, eat cake and ice cream with both of my families, and have my sweet sweet pup sing me a birthday song.  

Some snapshots of the day!

I got to see Cooper score a goal for his soccer team, and take it from me, he is a bad-a on the soccer field!

Addison hit the ball TWICE.  She is a little softball super star in the making.

I shared a cupcake and kisses with Avery.

Matt took me to see the Lincoln Lawyer.  Def not the best movie of the year, but it was good, and the eye-candy made up for whatever it lacked.

 Then the cake...
My favorite thing about birthday's is the cake, for sure, hands down, no question about it!

Do I look excited?

Matt even talked me into giving Duece his own little plate to help celebrate my b-day!

Thank you to all of our families who made the day special and for thinking about me.  

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