Wednesday, March 2

Ready or Not Here I Come

Deuce might not always be the sharpest crayon in the box, but he is our little unsharpened crayon.  Sometimes he surprises us, and tonight he roped Matt and I into a game of hide and seek with his pig ear.  Yes, pig ear.

You see what happened was...

I made Matt drive me all the way to Savannah last night to get Duece's dog food.  I could feed him normal dog food like everyone else from Walmart, in fact I did feed him Beneful for a long time, then one day I was in Petsmart and I let the worker convince me that I was not providing my dog with a level of food equal to my level of love for him.  I explained to him, that while I wanted what was best for my dog, I was not going to pawn my jewelry to be able to afford it.  So we upgraded dog food by a smidge.  The upside, Duece's coat really is shinier and he doesn't go #2 as much.  The downside, you can only buy it in Savannah.  Hence why we ended up driving 45 min to Petsmart for dog food.  

Enter the pig ear.  Long story short, the first time he had a pig ear, he went from being sweet snuggly beagle puppy to rabid dog.  While not so good for the dog trying to take it from him, it provided classic entertainment for all around.  After giving him the treat we picked up for him on our 2 hour long adventure to provide him with a full belly, he did not want anyone to get the treasured pig ear.  

This started our game of hide and seek.

The first place I found it, was in the guest bedroom, tucked in next to the mirror and boxes.
We thought it was funny, so we kept waiting for him to hide it and we would then go find it.  It would take it from me and hide it somewhere else.

Next, it was underneath this mattress that had been stood up on it's side.   

Not so creative here, but behind the chair, I think we might have caught him trying to put it under the recliner. 

Behind the TV 

In the couch cushion.
He actually tried to move my computer cord with his mouth to cover it up. 

Looking for another good hiding spot amongst all of the "moving debris". 

Behind the bike. 

After that he gave up.  I think he was aggravated at us.

One a side note-
Not much going on today on the moving front, but I do have to admit the following:
Everyone else was right, I stressed way to much about the packers.  Okay, there, I will give you that much about the packers.  The movers come tomorrow to pick everything up, and my verdict is still out.  The phone call I had today with Ernie, the driver, left me feeling less than confident about their abilities to safely transport our worldly belongings across the United States.  I have my eye on you Bekins Moving Co.

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

After reading this post the other day, I bought Beauford some pig ears for the first time (I figured if Deuce loves them, so will B). Oh MY! Beauford won't move until he eats the entire thing! No hide and seek for him - just destroy and conquer!

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