Monday, March 14

One Week Closer to Arizona

When I think about living in Arizona, it makes me smile.  We are ready for a new adventure as a family, and Arizona seems like the perfect place to start.  Are you tired of me talking about it yet?  If you are, you are in for a lot of eye rollin' cause I have a lot of talking about it left to do.

I have shared about the move itself, but I haven't really told y'all much about why we are going there and exactly where is AZ the casa del Langford will be.
See that green star?  That is where we are headed.  See that darker gray space?  For all you non-geography savy people...that is Mexico.  We are muy close to the border.  Don't worry, I can speak a little Spanish, we might be able to manage.  Our parents are kind of worried about the proximity to Mexico, but we tell them not to worry.
The Landscape.
Sierra Vista or Fort Huachuca is situated at the base of the Huachuca Mountains.  It should be very interesting to be in proximity to something so different then the landscape you find in South Mississippi.
I will have to invest in some hummingbird feeders because Sierra Vista is the Hummingbird Capital of the World.  How random is that?  
Kinda worried about these little guys.
When I think about living in AZ, I always think about living in a adobe style home.  I know I probably won't but, it is what I picture.

We are going to be about 8 hours from everything.  All within a days drive we can find: The Grand Canyon, Ghost Towns, Wineries, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and More. 
We will call Arizona home for approximately 6 months while Matt attends the advanced course for Military Intelligence (oxymoron anyone?) 
We can't wait to explore the area with each other and Duece and I look forward to being able to update you all on our journey!

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