Wednesday, November 17

How To Cut A Pecan Pie

Before Matt and I packed things up for the month, we spend the weekend with all of our Georgia friends having a very special Friendly Thanksgiving.  It was very sweet for the Lauren and Kenny to host us and it was fun spending the evening with some really fun people.  This event was held on the first weekend in November, so even though it was still a good way until the actual holiday event, we got the month of giving thanks started off right!  The Langford's had to miss last year's fun, so I was really excited that we would still be in town.  
Kevin and Jill all smiles because the turkey not only turned out edible but it turned out delicious.  They fried the turkey this year and it was kinda scary for Jill who was in charge of making sure that the turkey was completely dry before Kevin put it in the oil.  We all held our breath and when there was no explosion we went bake to snacking on the pre-dinner treats!

Our Thanksgiving Haul!

Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Hashrown Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Broccoli Cheese Casserole, Potatoes, and Corn. If you ask me I think that we really needed one more Casserole...
Just kidding, I LOVE casseroles and if you ask me Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving unless the buffet is FULL of casseroles, YUM!

Desserts.  I will be honest people, when it comes to desserts, I am all about making them, but not so much about eating them (even though you couldn't tell from looking at me).  Unless it is a yellow cake with white frosting, I will just about pass it up every time.  We still had a plethora of desserts...Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Monkey Bread, and Pecan Pie (more on the pecan pie later) 

Dig in boys! 

I am thankful that my husband made it home safe from Iraq.

More about Pie.  
Matt and I had a little argument, when I told him that I was making a pecan pie, he proclaimed that he knew the perfect way to cut it.  He assured me that you could dump the pie out on a cutting board upside down, cut it with a knife, replace the tin, turn it right side up and then you have a perfectly cut pie.  
I do admit that cutting pies during the holidays are quite problematic because the first person that cuts it usually messes it up and there is no hope from pretty slices from the pages of a magazine.  Matt's idea was a solution to that problem.  I told him that it would never work on a pecan pie because the center was oozy.  We took votes and decided to try it out. 

Matt cutting the pie.  I didn't get a good "after" picture.  He was halfway right.  I agree that this would be the best method of cutting pies, but maybe not a pecan pie.  At the end of the day we decided that we both won and lost.  

Thanks to Lauren and Kenny, Jill and Kevin, Katie and Matt, and  Kristy and Robert for a fun friendly Thanksgiving!

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