Tuesday, November 2

Cay Creek Wilderness

In efforts to do some things around this area before we have to leave next year we decided that the nice weather we had today in Hinesville, made it the perfect afternoon to check out Cay Creek Wilderness  area.  I have seen the sign numerous times going up and down 84, but we always just seem to busy.  You know how it is, life just gets in the way sometimes.

It wasn't really what I thought it was, but it was a fun hour spent outside doing something new.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Duece.  He loves his backyard, but we have gotten spoiled with just being able to put him out back so he definitely welcomed the change.

The website alludes to a .7 mile trail of boardwalks, upon which you will see alligators, beavers, deer, racoons, birds, etc.  SOLD!  I should have known, I never see any of the stuff that the advertisements say we are going to see.  It was actually.7 mile roundtrip, so .35 out and .35 back which when you are walking with Duece doesn't take long at all.  

Enjoy my pictures.

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