Monday, July 11

What my beagle does

I think if you have read my blog for any amount of time you would probably agree with me that I love my beagle baby Duece.  As much as I love him there are days that he definitely gets on my very last nerve.  This is the story of today.

I spent the morning cleaning up around the house, to include using my cherished new Dyson to vacuum the furniture because beagles shed like a mofo.  I love sitting on the couch after I vacuum it because it just feels fresh.  I am aware that if we were smug and pretentious those kinds of parents we wouldn't allow him on the furniture at all, but come have seen his face, and snuggling with him is one of my favorite things to do.

Cleaning the house also involves picking up the beagle's toys.  Technically he has three toys, but they are all the same toy, a stuffing-less raccoon.  He sleeps with one every night.  I pick them up and put them in a tiny basket next to the TV.  I love it when everything is picked up and in his basket.

What would doing chores be without folding clothes?  Trust me, I had plenty of loads to fold, they had been staring in my face all weekend.  And I may or may not be guilty of leaving some towels in the washing machine long enough that I had to re-wash them...  So I got the clothes folded, not put away, but folded.

After my morning of cleaning, this is the conclusion to the story...
1.  After coming back into the living from from said clothes folding I find this
Yes, that would be my very naughty sweet beagle laying on the back of the freshly vacuumed couch cushions.  He always does this, I should know by now.  Obviously he loves a fresh couch just as much as I do. 
(if the fact that I have dog hair on my couch bothers you, I actually feel sorry for you, because you aren't enjoying snuggling with your fur baby nearly as much as me)

2.  In addition to finding this thing on the back of the couch, I found not one, not two, but all three of his toys back on in various positions in the room.  The pay off of having his basket where he can get into it is not having to get up and fetch his toys for him.  The downside is that he can get into his basket.

3.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the third problemo, because Duece knows when he is in trouble.  So when I found him laying on top of a pile of freshly folded clothes he ran for his life.  He knew what would be best for him.

I was mad for about 10 min and then I realized, Chelle, he is a dog, he licks his butt, he can't help it.  All it takes is one little look from him to make me forgive him. 

Do you have an ornery dog?


Janey said...

Bahaha thankfully my little terrors...ehh... I mean terriers don't shed because my house would be covered if they did. My boy does exactly the same thing when I find a little pile of present he has left me. Runs faster than at any other time, off to his kennel.

Maloree said...

Reese wallows all over our fresh folded clothes (or the dirty ones while I sort out our laundry), she has nothing to do with her toys until I've vacuumed the house & put them away.

& I'm convinced that when she's pissed at us, she eats a pinecone... why? because its always the same result a few hours later, vomit!

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