Monday, July 18

Bisbee Copper Kings and a 5K

Friday night Matt and I were invited to go watch a minor (I mean really minor) league team in Bisbee.   They are called the Bisbee Copper Kings and the team is a summer league made up of college players from around the United States.  It was fun to be at a baseball game, but honestly it was kind of low rent.  These guys are really doing it "for the love of the game".  
They played at Warren Ball Park.  This ball park is supposedly the oldest ball park in America.  
Saturday we woke up and joined our friends Jason and Michala Siler at a 5K they organized.  This was just a  small friends and family event that Michala put together to support an orphan organization, Doorways to Hope, that is a large part of her life.  Similar groups to ours all over the country got together at the same time to run/walk a 5K for Orphan Nation. 
If combined, the population of all the orphans in the world would make up the 5th largest nation coming in at 173 million.  Matt, Duece, and I thought this was such a worthy cause! 
Duece meeting some of the puppy competition. 
Getting ready to take off at the start/finish! I love my two men.

Coming and Going...
Duece ended up placing first place in the dog division, go Duece!
Over all it was a great weekend.

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